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Ghosts, floating

Briana Jamieson

5 - 27 April 

Poetry Reading: Tuesday 9 April 5.30pm

Caramel , 2018 Oil on Board

Caramel, 2018 Oil on Board


Ghosts, floating is an autobiographical exhibition of oil paintings, poems and sculptures by Wellington artist and writer Briana Jamieson. Forming abstract shrines to people and experiences, the warm, creamy tones of each work evoke thoughts of dry summer grass, sea foam, swimming holes, and end-of-day sun in a local fish and chip shop.


Figurative, abstracted oil paintings depict scenes of friendship and contemplative solitude, resting among clusters of flora. Poems, printed in delicate red ink on milky paper, are full of subtle and rich descriptions that add layers of story to the painted scenes. Small sculptures, formed in polymer clay, highlight specific details – a berry; a hand, it’s fingers curled.


Each work is treated with the same careful and light touch, creating a warm atmosphere where memories drift like evening sunlight saturating a wall. 

As part of the exhibition, a public poetry reading will take place in the gallery on Tuesday 9 April at 5:30pm, where seven poets; George Banach Salas, Maisie Chilton Tressler, Alice Fennessy, Joy Holley, Lizzie Murray, Jane Paul and Briana Jamieson, will read pieces of writing reflecting on thoughts of friendship.


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