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four songs, played twice

Bryce Galloway

26 July - 17 August

Friday 26 July 5:30pm : Live tattoo with Cam Elgar

Saturday 17 August 1pm : Closing event with live band

Band #5:  Elvis Mavis Jarvis Davis   Photo: Mady Cheng

Band #5: Elvis Mavis Jarvis Davis

Photo: Mady Cheng


On his 50th birthday, artist Bryce Galloway got his first tattoo and posted a "bandmates wanted” flyer, attempting to start and gig with a new band every month of his 50th year. He failed. four songs, played twice  revisits his personal midlife crisis story and the nine bands Bryce did manage to get on stage that year. 

The exhibition takes the form of an ‘exploded documentary’. Audio, narrative and images are shared across zines*, photographs, listening posts, artefacts and a public program that extends and reflects on Galloway’s story.



*Analogue self-published short-run magazines


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