between moods  

josephine jelicich
lauren redican
tyler jackson

7 — 29 april, 2017

Tyler Jackson No title (Light – Space Modulator) 2016

Tyler Jackson No title (Light – Space Modulator) 2016

Form and space are subtly manipulated in Between Moods. Artists Tyler Jackson, Josephine Jelicich and Lauren Redican create minimal sculptures and wall works that gently nudge viewers towards a more intimate relationship with their surroundings.

The experience of light and colour is prioritised in Tyler Jackson’s timber and plexiglass structure. Navigating the sculpture reveals tonal nuances from solid to luminous, with light permeating planar surfaces.

Josephine Jelicich strips back everyday materials and objects to highlight their aesthetic potential. Using a delicate shade of shell pink sand, Jelicich juxtaposes sand in its various states, filling the liminal space of double glazed window panes to create fields of colour.

Line becomes solid in Lauren Redican’s sculptures, as unexpected combinations of materials heighten the sculptural potential of natural forms. Performing as three dimensional drawings, Redican’s floor and wall-based works create cognitive twists in the reading of surface and space.


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