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Chora Luz Carleton

1 - 23 June

Chora Carleton   Watercolour

Chora Carleton


Public Readings at dusk Monday 11, Monday 18 June, Thursday 21 June (solstice reading)

Gloaming explores chromatic transformation - the time between day and night - through a series of observational watercolour paintings and writings by Chora Luz Carleton. 

At gloaming, a strange light obscures our perceptions, colours transfigure into shadowy masses. This state of transition changes our mental perception and focus: our world becomes a smaller more intimate space, and the darkness looming beyond calls the imagination.

This exhibition celebrates the growing dimness over the colder months. Carleton extenuates the lighting conditions within the gallery as if it were dusk. The paintings, combined with readings of observational poetry, explore the connection between perception, understanding, and communication of space, colour, light and sense.


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