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Te Reo Pākehā

Martin Awa Clarke Langdon and Elliot Collins

29 June - 21 July 

Niho Taniwha

Niho Taniwha


Te reo Māori, like any language is important to the vitality and meaning of culture.

The exhibition Te reo Pākehā asks how we understand these meanings when looking at Te reo Māori as a non-Māori or as a Māori disconnected from learning the language in the home?

Working across installation and painting, artists Martin Awa Clarke Langdon and Elliot Collins converse and reflect on the power of language, place and variation of 'meanings' we have access to.

Free Te reo Māori Lesson
1pm–2pm Saturday 14 July
Toi Pōneke HUB

In this fun, relaxed, workshop taught by Joan Costello, you will be given the opportunity to learn six accessible, fun and memorable pronunciation tips that will give you confidence to use Te reo Māori.


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